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Sandro Da Verscio, painter and sculptor was born in Switzerland in 1941. He is an eclectic artist,

able to excel in many arts by combining his esthetic taste with a fervent inner quest. This leads him to follow new paths for the expansion of being.

His art-works are collected all over the world.

Among his most important works: the “Doctor Albert Schweitzer” to be seen at Chapman University in Orange-California. The “Bust of Paramahansa Yogananda” exposed in the biggest esoteric bookshop in America, in Palo Alto. “Baby Jesus appears to Saint Anthony of Padua” is kept in the Lower Saint Frances’ Basilica in Assisi, and “Saint Frances Universal Love” exposed at Eremo delle carceri in Assisi.

Since his childhood , his love for music and his deep spiritual research were highly nurturing to him. Today he unifies his endowments and his discoveries in vibrational arts. Using the sound of the Crystal Bowls, he can improve psycho-physical wellbeing by harmonizing the subtle energies, acting on the whole system with a holistic approach.

His first concert with Crystal Bowls, held at the “Terra Futura” trade-show in Florence, in 2006, obtained a very big success. During this occasion he started giving his first individual treatments.

The success of the Crystal Bowls extends also to the following concerts in Switzerland and in Italy.

Recently in occasion of the 5° Weekend Ecologico. Assisi Festival 2005, he received from the president of United Artists for Peace the “Artista per l’Ecologia 2005” prize.



The Crystal Bowls produce beautiful and pure sounds, that take the listener to a state of deep relaxed receptivity called “Alpha” (like in deep meditation, or like the state between wake and sleep) and their sound can contribute to equilibrate the energetic centers (chakras).

The sound-waves produced by Crystal Bowls, played alternately, produce musical notes, which create the harmonic sounds that purify body, mind and spirit. They harmonize the energy channels in the body, reactivate the cells, dissolve emotional knots, restablishing harmony and well-being. They helps to open up to a new state of consciousness.

For a better efficacy it is recommandable to listen to the CD in a state of relaxation. Can also be used for meditation.

  Sandro da Verscio

Concert with Crystal Bowls



 Tel. ++39-075/ 91 48 356 

 Mobil: ++39-339 23 61 694

EMAIL: info@sandrodaverscio.com






 Concert  2006: 

 Firenze (Italy)   31 March  2006 -  Fair  "TERRAFUTURA"

Assisi (Italy)  17 April  2006 ,  Spiritual Center Ananda

Lugano (Swiss) 4. 5.6.7.May ,  Fair  "TISANA"

Lugano (Swiss) 11.May , Yoga Center Ananda

Breno (Swiss) 12.May,  Church    S. Lorenzo





                     Treatment  with Crystal Bowls

CD "Alpha 7"  by Sandro Da Verscio

The Crystal Bowls produce such beautiful, pleasant and powerful sounds, that take the listener to a state of deep relaxation and well-being, like in deep meditation and like the state between wake and sleep – they equilibrate all chakras. They are called the “Pure Sounds”.

For a better efficiency it is recommendable to listen to it in a state of relaxation.
Can also beused for meditation.

1. Purification (to unite with Mother Earth)…………………….........3.00 - (Shaman drum)
2 Ocean (to unite like a drop in the ocean)……………………..........4.10 - (Raining stick)
3. Universe (to unite with the Universe, to feel all one with it)…......32.20 - (Crystal Bowls)

Recording: 39.33


CD     Alpha 8

by Sandro Da Verscio.

Concert with Crystal Bowls




 1.     The Cry of the Scops Owl                  12.47

     2.    Birds Singing                                       2.55

3.    Enchanted Sea                                   16.13

4.   The Cry of the Nightingale

5.    Dancing stars                                       9.14

6.   The Sound of Elves                               3.22


                               Total Time: 48.56


1. The Cry of the Scops Owl

The Scops Owl (Otus Scops), with its peculiar cry (“chiú”) was for the artist a source of inspiration in creating this piece. The Scops Owl, one of the smallest owls(only 19 cm), also known as “chiú” for its peculiar cry, is unfortunately one of a dying breed due to pollution and pesticides. Its cry is so melodious that it can promote calmness and wellbeing.

2. Birds Singing

This piece was recorded by the artist in the springtime near his house. He realized that by listening to the bird’s singing, one can be uplifted in a state of wellness and cheerfulness, dissolving all bad moods.

3. Enchanted Sea

If you listen with love to the sound of the waves, it can bring you to a state of calmness and peace, because they too, like the crystal bowls, contain AUM in their vibration. For this reason the artist composed this piece.

4. Nightingale singing

The sound of crickets, as we know, has a calming effect. The sound of the nightingale with its sweetness can enchant us and can also bring us joy.

5. Dance of the stars

It is a very sweet piece, soothing and helpful to let go and fall asleep; it can also be used for relaxation after yoga.

6. The sound of Elves

The sound of crickets and the sweet noise of carillons helps children fall asleep.






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