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School  Arte Luminosa

International school

Directed by Sandro Da Verscio

In this beautiful landscape of Umbria lays the art school "Arte Luminosa"



The school is situated 20 km of Assisi, in a place of power, in the middle of nature and green hills.


 Get to know yourself 

 Self healing, through visualization.

Art for healing: drawing, painting, modelling, Yoga, meditation, sounds, sacred dancing.  

Mandala and creative painting.

The course starts with simple yoga exercises to loosen up tensions and to allow your energy to flow freely.

 The course is especially useful to people who don’t know how to paint or think that they are incapable. It is also helpful for therapists because they learn about a new dimension of consciousness (a freer way to communicate and help).

This technique has its origin in Tibet and in the traditional painting on sand by the red Indians of America (Navajo tribe). The Mandala symbolizes the search to our inner center and is a universal symbol for integration, harmony and transformation.


Being conscious of the inner Self, conditions created by the habitual life come forward and are perceived, and like snow in the sun, conflicts and knots in the subconscious melt away, and like that we can develop our own creative strength. The author has experienced this discipline and transmits it as a message of love. As we are all a part of all, every human being has in itself the creative power to know oneself as a drop of the same ocean.














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The courses are directed by Sandro Da Verscio

Schools he frequented:

- Dip. Accademia delle Belle Arti (Florence)

- Dip. medical masseur 

 Seminars and courses in parapsychology and healing:

-Media-school: Marinho.Medienschule, Göbel (Muttenz, CH)

-Yoga-school: S. Yesudian, Elisabeth Haich, Peter Oswald, (CH)

- Seminar with the healer: “Daskalos” Dott. Stylianos Atteshlis and Colaborators: Aniko Drozdy, Christoph Stämpfli (CH)

-Seminar Pamela Sommer (CH)

- Seminar Jasmuhen (CH and Rom)

- with the healers of the Philippines

- Initiation in the Kriya Yoga of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Ongoing experiences with spiritual Masters:

-         Holy Padre Pio (spiritual children of P.Pio Demarista Scarlini)

-         Sticamtiziced Father: Padre Agostino (Castello-Florence)

-         Elisabeth Haich, S. Yesudian (CH)

-         Swami Kriyananda

-         In India with Tibetan monks and great Yogis: Ammaji, etc.

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